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Artificial Grass Maintenance

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Success! Your artificial turf is installed and ready for you to walk, roll around, or entertain on it! But what now? Is there anything you’ll need to do to keep your fake grass fantastic? Great question! Here’s the lowdown on artificial grass maintenance.

Clean up regularly It’s probably not surprising to hear that if food or pet waste gets on your new fake grass clean up will be in order. Pick up such waste as you normally would off any floor or carpet, and then rinse with water as needed.

Yes, fake grass still needs to be watered Don’t worry! You won’t need to water your artificial grass nearly as often as real grass. Instead, plan to rinse your turf off about once a month, give or take. Monthly rinses will get rid of any pollen or dust (you read that right, dust) that’s built up.

Brush up high traffic areas You may start to notice certain places where the turf isn’t standing up as straight, like a pet’s favorite spot to lay in the sun or a common walking path. If this happens, simply brush it up with a stiff-bristled broom or nylon rake, pulling the broom against the grain of the turf (make sure not to use anything metal like a yard rake!)

Are cleaning products safe to use?

At some point, you may want to use a cleaning product on your turf. Pet owners may want to consider doing so monthly to cut down on odors. If you don’t have pets, you may still want to use cleaners periodically. We highly recommend only using safe, biodegradable products. If you need advice on which to use, let us know!

Your beautiful artificial grass lawn can stay that way for many years to come with these few steps. As always, if you have questions, you can let us know - it's what we’re here for!



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