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Artificial Turf for Pet Areas

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Keep It Green

If you're a pet owner and you've had natural grass in your front, side, or back yard, you know the challenge of keeping the grass green. Say goodbye to yellow spots and hello to your beautiful green lawn, no matter where Fido does his business.

Keep It Clean

Sure, it won't turn brown, but can your fake grass stay clean if your pet is using it as a bathroom? To the surprise of many, YES! With the right infill, you can minimize pet odors and enjoy your turf without the smell for years to come.

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Keep It Safe

High quality synthetic grass installed by a knowledgeable professional is also a safe solution for you and your pets. Our grasses are lead-safe and we offer infills that are safe for you, your dogs, your cats, your tortoises, or whatever other animals you have poking around. Read more here if you still have questions.

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