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Paver Installation

artificial lawn front yard with paver stone walkway and patio

Walk & Driveways

Getting from here to there has never looked so elegant, clean, or rustic. No matter your style, there's a paver for that. Pavers can be used to build a strong, long lasting, and beautiful driveway or walkway. So whether you need to get from the street to the garage or from the side door to the back patio, pavers can be relied upon to take you there for years to come. 



Create a patio that you never want to leave by having pavers installed. Great for outdoor kitchens, relaxing reading nooks, and family gathering areas. Paver patios can be constructed in a variety of shapes with different styles of paver. We'll be with you every step of the way to design and install your new patio. All you need to do is ask - leave the hard work to us. 


Retaining Walls

Creative landscaping can require some supportive fixtures like retaining walls. While retaining walls may be necessary to avoid erosion and hold landscaping into place, it doesn't have to be an eyesore. Instead of loving everything about your yard "except that dumb wall", ask Bella Rosa about paver retaining walls - all the function with a dose of beauty and class. 

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