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7 Reasons to Switch to Fake Grass

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

synthetic grass before and after backyard

In California and nearby states, there seems to be an ever-spreading phenomenon: brown lawns. Drive down any street and you’re bound to see it. At house after house, the lawns are brown, browning, or young sod is desperately trying to cling to life. It may seem that we should all just get used to it – that brown is here to stay. But we don't have to.

Enter artificial grass, an alternative to the brown lawn. But just looking green isn’t all that fake turf has to offer. If it were, a can of paint would be just as useful. But no, there are many benefits to installing an artificial turf lawn in the place of your dying, brown yard or the yard you are paying to meticulously keep up year after year.

Let’s review 7 reasons to switch to artificial grass. They include:

1. It’s Low Maintenance

2. It’s Cost Effective

3. It Looks Natural

4. It Saves Water

5. It’s Pet-Friendly

6. It Has a Long Life

7. It’s Green and Full of Life No Matter the Weather or Climate

That’s a lot of benefits! If you wrote down your wish list for your yard, it would probably look a lot like that list. Let’s dig a little deeper and see what fake grass can really offer for your landscaping project.

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1. It’s Low Maintenance

Artificial grass is incredibly low maintenance. There’s no need to mow your new fake lawn (we recommend you avoid it, in fact). There’s also no need to edge it, water it, or re-sod after a particularly dry summer.

Now think back to the real lawn that you mow, water, re-sod, and generally maintain on Saturdays. After installing fake grass you’ll have a question to answer: What will you do with your Saturday afternoons now? Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s not mowing the fake lawn.

2. It’s Cost Effective Over Time

Perhaps you’ve been considering artificial grass but seen the price tag and run for the hills. It’s true, you will be paying more upfront for synthetic grass versus doing nothing or installing fresh sod but over time you’re likely to save money by going artificial. Right now, you may pay for mowing, edging, general landscaping, new sprinklers, repairs, re-sodding, or any combination of the above.

That’s all before we even talk about the ever-rising water prices. On average, a customer who installs artificial turf will recoup their costs in three to five years. Since it lasts about 20 years, that’s a huge return on investment. Plus, if the upfront costs of installing fake grass in your yard are simply too much all at once, there are financing options that can make getting artificial turf installed a breeze.

3. It Looks Natural

To answer the question that we hear most frequently: No. Artificial grass does not need to look like a sports field. The technology that goes into making fibers for synthetic grass, the part that looks like “blades of grass”, have made major strides in the last few years. Some fake grasses even mimic real grass breeds!

Artificial turf blades close up
The blades on fake grass aren't always flat. Take a close look to see different the different shapes and sizes!

When Bella Rosa Turf comes out to provide a quote, we also provide samples of fake grasses for you to consider. You can touch them, look at them, and discuss with our team to make sure you feel confident that you’ve made the right choice. We empower you to choose what looks most natural to you. With fibers that are different shapes, thicknesses, heights and colors, each artificial grass type provides a different look and feel. We’ll work with you to find the best fit so that when you look at or step on your lawn, it looks and feels right to you.

4. It Saves Water

If you are currently maintaining a lawn, you know how much water it takes to do so. Depending on the time of year it can get very tricky to keep your yard green without drenching it in water. Then after the dry summer, you may find yourself installing young sod and giving it more and more water in desperate hopes that it will survive and take root. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Either way it’ll need more water. And all that water has a pretty big price tag! Not to mention that in our dry environment water has become quite the commodity and is likely to continue to do so. Artificial turf, as you might expect, does not need water. You can save money on water and feel great about helping the environment by switching to artificial grass.

5. It’s Pet-Friendly

Cat laying on fake turf

Artificial grass for dogs? You bet! Pets love synthetic grass, as some of our favorite four-legged customers can attest to! The owners of cats and dogs alike have informed us that their pets spend lots of time on their new artificial grass. Not only do they love it, but it makes cleaning up after pets so much easier! Just use a pet friendly infill at installation and cleaner periodically and pet odors are a thing of the past.

The artificial turfs that Bella Rosa uses to install are quality and safety tested. We prioritize this because we only show the products we would feel comfortable using for our own four-legged friends and families. We take the guesswork out of finding a safe product so that you can have peace of mind without the headaches of sifting through toxicity reports, safety reports, and spec sheets. Fear not, we’ve got you, the kids, and Rover in mind. For a safe product that is totally fetch friendly, artificial grass is the way to go.

6. It Has a Long Life

Artificial grass has a lifespan of about 20–25 years depending on the type and the traffic it receives. Traffic is how often it’s walked on, driven on, etc. As you can imagine, if you’re driving over your fake grass every day it may wear out more quickly than a back lawn that only hosts the occasional party. Either way, you can expect a long life out of your investment in artificial grass.

What does that really mean for you? 20–25 years of no mowing, lower water bills, confidence that the product you used is safe and easy to clean, and no stressing over what do with your landscaping. 20–25 years without having to find money in the budget to maintain your lawn. 20–25 years of no stress landscaping. That’s a long time not to worry about any of those things. With synthetic turf, you can enjoy those years and focus on things other than your yard. Focus on your family, your social events, your work, and your celebrations, not your lawn.

7. Green, Real Look Regardless of Weather or Climate

Bella Rosa artificial grass install

This all sounds great but what’s the bottom line? Artificial grass gives you something that looks real without the costs or burden of maintenance real grass demands. It’s a safe, low maintenance investment in your lawn and your ability to enjoy your space. Brown does not have to be the future of your landscaping designs. Go green with artificial grass.


Fake turf works in a variety of projects and makes your landscaping easier. Whether it’s your front yard, a side lawn, or a back yard, incorporating artificial lawn into your design can add a pop of green and give your pet a place to enjoy for years to come.

Are you blown away by how wonderful artificial grass sounds? Do you have questions about artificial grass installation or how to get a quote? You’re in luck! Our expert staff loves to answer questions and is available to help you! Click here to reach out to our team and learn more.


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