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Synthetic Turf for Front and Back Yards

Mowing lawn

Save Time

Your time is precious. Sure, you could spend it mowing the lawn, laying out fresh sod again, or trimming the edging. But we're sure you have other things you'd rather be doing. Get that time back by asking about artificial grass installation today!

Save Water

Artificial grass can help you save water. No just a little. A lot. On average, when a lawn is watered about 0.62 gallons are used per square foot. That may not sound too bad, but it adds up quickly. Take a look at this handy chart to get an idea.

Annotation 2022-01-26 143457.jpg

Save Money

Annotation 2022-01-26 151050.jpg

Artificial grass can seem like a big investment. We get it. But when we crunched the numbers comparing average costs of maintaining a natural lawn versus installing synthetic turf, the breakeven point was 3 - 6 years. With an average life of 20 years, that means your artificial grass could save you a LOT over time. If you'd like us to do more number crunching for you, feel free to request a free quote to find out what your project would cost.

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