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Kids Play Systems

What counts when factoring safety into artificial grass for kids?

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It's crucial that all risks are considered in situations regarding our children's health and safety. All turf that we install can be easily cleaned and padded!


Different options for keeping your lawn clean

1. Surface level - Vacuum adjacent with blade brushing technology.

2. Deep Cleaning - Enzymatic cleanser

Critical Fall Height

Things to account for CFH 

1. Face weight of the turf 

2. Infill per square foot 

3. Thickness of a shock pad (if needed)

Critical Fall Height or CFH is a system for designed to measure the fall height vs. the amount of cushion in the space bellow to minimize the risk of sustaining a brain injury. This is essential especially when factoring in things like the height of a play set or tree house you might have or buy. When considering CFH theres three things to take into account the face weight of the grass, the amount of infill used per square foot, and the thickness of the shock pad. Our estimators can take that into account during the estimate.

To prevent this from happening your estimator will add infill, padding or recommend an artificial grass with a higher face weight. these factors work together to weaken the blow of a fall.

Surface level cleaning: If you're looking for something more intensive than a plastic rake, we do sell a machine that is similar to a lawn mower or vacuum that keeps debris off your turf.


Typically we recommend using an enzymatic cleanser for the deeper clean. An easy to use hose attachment makes this practical for regular use. The Enzymes in the cleanser break down build up and pathogens. Then water rinses it away through thoughtfully placed drainage. 

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